30 Best Live IPTV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online

30 Best Live IPTV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online

30 Best Live IPTV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online

Looking for Best Live IPTV Android Apps to watch channels for Android 2019. Today we will give you the best list that consists of the Best Live IPTV Android Apps to watch channels and you can install them on any Android device such as a phone, tablet, Android TV Box and Smart TV to watch channels encrypted or open directly on your device.

Many of the online channel viewing apps on Android are nothing more than a trickery trying to inject malware into your device. These applications request permissions that are not required for their normal work. For example, apps may require contacts permissions that you don’t naturally need to broadcast your favorite channels.


Applications that are not downloaded from trusted sources such as Google Play Store or Amazon Store or official websites may be harmful and malicious to your phone and also to you as a user by harassing privacy. Therefore, I recommend that you grant permissions that you think are best suited for the app to work. You can find the permissions under Android device settings.

In this list you will find a list of the 30 Best Live IPTV Android Apps to watch channels and is available free or paid, these applications feature channels without cutting.

Best Live IPTV Android Apk 2019

# 1. GLARAB (Free)

Application to watch channels on Android GLARAB provides TV broadcasts from all over the world via the Internet. The service is rich with online TV features An improved multilingual viewing experience to suit all tastes. The app features channels from various Arab, Turkish and Chinese world countries where you can access hundreds of live TV channels and international radio stations on your Android device.
Download GLARAB

# 2. Filmon (Free)

Filmon application to watch channels on Android, iPhone and iPad more than 300 channels free Arab channels and foreign channels including sports, movies and live TV from countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, France etc. Most channels are available in HD. You can watch sports, movies and entertainment from countries like the UK, USA, France, India, and other European, Asian and American countries.
Download Filmon

# 3. beIN Connect (Paid)
beIN Connect

BeIN CONNECT app will be able to watch the encrypted channels of BN Sport in addition to movie channels and other entertainment channels, you will be able to watch live sports and your favorite movies on Android devices.
Download beIN Connect

# 4. Melody Now (Free)
Melody Now

For fans of movie channels and series Melody Now application enables you to watch all Melody channels for free anytime and anywhere (Melody Movies, Melody Classic, Melody Hits, Melody Drama and Melody TV) and all you need is the Internet. Watch free, unlimited and high quality latest Arabic movies, series, songs, plays and classics on your phone or tablet.
Download Melody Now

# 5. WAVO (incl.)

WAVO is the Best IPTV Android for viewing encrypted channels for Showtime OSN. It’s an easy way to get live TV channels, movies, exclusive dramas, full seasons of series and sports events on your Android device. Watch what you want whenever you want. Watch live channels or if you miss your favorite show, you will be able to watch them later. Choose your favorite package starting at $ 6.99.
Download Wavo

# 6. KODI (Free)

Cody is an app for watching channels on a very popular Android that has a graphical user interface which is fairly easy. Once Kodi is set up correctly it allows users to conveniently view videos, TV broadcasts as well as photos, and music options. It is important to know that this application does not provide any content, so you will need to provide your content. For more information visit Cody Arabia.
Download KODI

# 7. BBC iPlayer (Free)
BBC iPlayer

This is another IPTV Android app to watch channels on Android and it is free that allows you to watch live TV and listen to a radio using 3G or Wi-Fi networks, where you can browse the most popular programs of the BBC and its affiliated networks. Note You must use a VPN to access the broadcast.
Download BBC Iplayer

# 8. Mobdro (Free)

It is an app that lets you watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports and other content on your Android device. Many applications for watching movies and series on the Internet let you choose, in particular, the movie or episode you want to watch. But Mobdro is a very different application, giving you a large list of channels that show movies and series episodes continuously.
Download Mobdro

# 10. Awaan (Free)

The application of the new video-on-demand service, which was recently launched and is a subsidiary of Dubai channels network This service is the largest digital library of local and Arab media in the Middle East, where you can watch live and direct broadcast and follow the videos of the channels of the Dubai network and various other Arab channels according to multiple categories including programs And serials, sports and cartoon.
Download Awaan

# 11.Red Box Tv (Free)
Red Box Tv

RedBox TV is a free live streaming application and contains over 1000 live channels from 15 different countries. Is a live streaming application available for Android devices. This app offers a wide range of TV channels from around the world. If you are not next to your TV while viewing your favorite show or match what you want to watch, you should use this app. RedBox TV is easy to use, just select your favorite channel.
Download Redbox Tv

# 12. Abu Dhabi Media (Free)

Established in 2007, Abu Dhabi Media is one of the fastest growing media and entertainment organizations in the Middle East. It owns and operates 24 brands in the television, radio, publishing and digital media sectors. Through its various media platforms, Abu Dhabi Media offers a diverse interactive content that addresses different segments of its local and Arab audiences.
Download Abu Dhabi Media

# 13.USTVNow

If you are looking for some American channels, USTV is the best option for streaming directly from TV stations from the US to your mobile phone. The USTV app hosts over 50 live TV channels from the USA to enjoy it.USTVNow is not an app for Android devices but is a web browser service.
Explain USTVNow

# 14. SHAHID (Free)
shahid tv

Shahid application is a service of the network MBC is the first watch service on demand in the Middle East, which offers you the largest Arab and foreign films and serials and programs from various channels anywhere, anytime you want. You will not be able to watch the live broadcast of the channels, but you will be able to watch all the programs, series, movies broadcast on the network MBC and other channels
Download SHAHID

# 15th . Sports Angel (Free)

Sports Angel is a great sports app. You can watch football, cricket, racing, basketball etc. You can enjoy some high-end sports channels from Europe, North America and others. The app is free but contains ads. The app has a very promising interface with a very simple navigation system. You can adjust the video resolution and enjoy sports. If you’re looking for a powerful app for Europe and North America games, I recommend you download Sports Angel.
Download Sports Angel

# 16. TV Player (Free)
TV Player

TV Player lets you watch over 80 live TV channels online for free or on any mobile app. You can access over 60 free channels that you can watch for free. The paid version ($ 9 / month) of the app supports the most requested channels which can be accessed by paying a certain amount. At the moment, the service is only available in the UK but the team is expanding the network to the US, Canada and other countries. But this will not stop you from using the app via VPN. You can enjoy live TV with the recording feature, making it a well-designed TV service.
Download TV Player

# 17. Live Net (Free)
Live Net

Live Net TV is one of the most popular live TV, sports, movies and live TV apps for Android. The application hosts more than 700 channels from many countries including the United Kingdom, the United States and the countries of the Middle East, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and many other countries. You can watch all your favorite channels on any Android device. High quality HD and no need for high speed Net.

Download Live Net

# 18. SPB TV (Free)

SPB TV will turn your device into a real TV. More than 100 TV channels in different languages ​​are available worldwide. Excellent video quality, easy-to-use interface and free legal content. Watch it with SPB TV anytime, anywhere – all you need is an internet connection. From the best available channels: DW, France 24, CGTN, Russia Today, Channel 1, Russia 1, Bollywood Masala, CNC World, Fashion TV, NASA TV, Miami TV. Groups of entertainment channels in different languages. News, football, hockey, hard sports, fishing, fishing, cartoons, TV shows, movies and videos to suit everyone’s taste.
Download SPB TV

# 19. cCloud Tv (Free)
cCloud Tv

It is an open source IPTV service where thousands of TV channels are available from all over the world including Arabic channels. The service is available on all platforms including Android
Explanation cCloud Tv

# 20. TVCatchup (Free)

TVCatchup allows you to watch TV and satellite cable channels in the UK. TVC is an online TV service to watch free UK channels. It broadcasts BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV, among others. The service works with pre-roll ads and is free. You can access some UK channels on your mobile phone through the app, you must use a VPN.
Download TVCatchup

# 21. Sling TV (incl.)

Sling TV is a great app for watching channels. The ease of customization, the number of channels and the price make it a convenient app for all Android devices. The Orange package is $ 20 per month for 31 channels. It has a good mix of basic sports, news and entertainment channels. The blue package is $ 25 per month and consists of 45 channels. Orange and blue can be combined into one package for $ 40 per month. The app is only available in some countries but we have found a way to use it from anywhere.
Download Sling TV

# 22. Mega (Free)

Mega application IPTV Android for watching live TV, sports, movies etc. It has four sections of live TV and two sections of live sports to choose from. This Android app can be a good choice because it has a wide range of different TV channels for the internet including shows, movies, live sports and more.
Download Mega

# 23. YouTube TV (Paid)
youtube paid

YouTube TV is a live streaming subscription service (OTT) available in the United States. These include ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, NBC and others. Offering Cloud DVR service without storage space limitations, the app provides over 60 channels from the United States which can be streamed live on the phone

Download YouTube TV

# 24. MXPlayer

Surprised to see MXPlayer application in the menu? Well, this popular media player app was purchased by Times Internet Group. The company uses this platform as an OTT service to deliver movies, TV shows and more. The company also released the content of the website that offers free movies and TV shows with Ad-Support. You can watch movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and other local content. MXPlayer aims to get a good share of growing online content consumption.
Download MXPlayer

# 25. Aljazeera (Free)

The application of the famous Arabic news channel Aljazeera is the first channel network Aljazeera This application offers you live broadcast of Al Jazeera and the latest news and articles from the most important sections of the site you can send pictures and video of the island and the possibility of storing news for reading later and also the possibility of storing all the news to read later without the need for Internet connection
Download Aljazeera

# 26. SNRT Live (Free)
snrt live

This application includes a set of high quality Moroccan channels include the categories of movies and sports also outlines the feature Time Shifting to retrieve what was broadcast. The application is completely free to use and with an easy interface you can switch between TV channels and radio stations with ease.
Download SNRT Live

# 27. AbuDhabi Sports (Free)
AbuDhabi Sports

This is the official application to watch Abu Dhabi Sports Network channels You can now watch the live broadcast of all Abu Dhabi Sports channels on this application, you can control the quality of the video to match the speed of your Internet, you will be able to enjoy all the games and programs that are broadcast on Abu Dhabi Sports channels.
Download AbuDhabi Sports

# 28. MBC (Free)
MBC network

MBC application, your first choice in access to entertainment content in a way that is the first of its kind in the Arab world, through which you can watch videos and follow your favorite shows and series and listen to MBC radio channels. In addition to the latest news of fashion and beauty and celebrities and the most prominent events on the level of art and social in the Middle East and North Africa and the rest of the world. MBC application will accompany you to the scenes of the largest productions, series and television programs.
Download MBC

# 29. eDoctor (Free)

It’s one of the most good IPTV Android apps to watch channels on any Android device for free. You can watch more than 1000 channels and can even listen to the radio.When you open the app, you will find two options for TV either to select channels by category or country. The app hosts channels from UK, US, Europe, Asian countries etc. I think you should definitely try it.
Download eDoctor

# 30. Youtube (Free)

In addition to being the king of video sites, YouTube has a live stream section that contains dozens of live TV channels from around the world. The highlight of the YouTube app is that you won’t have the problem of interruptions or pauses when watching because the video quality adapts to the speed of your connection.
Download Youtube