All you need to know about the TV Frog offer

All you need to know about the TV Frog offer

Many of you are writing to us to learn more about the new TV Frog offer that promises you to watch everything you want without paying a penny for a cable subscription.

First, what exactly does TV Frog do?

It’s a device that can make your smart TV, if it is not already, to access online content, such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.

According to the advertisement, TV Frog also offers access to online music, movies, TV shows via the app that the company has developed.

However, you do not have access to cable stations or general channels, which the company claims. To access TV sets without a cable subscription, you must have an HD digital antenna.

Here’s our full column on the subject if you want to unsubscribe from your cable TV:

The Frog TV box connects to your TV with an HDMI cable, so it must have a compatible port for the connection to be made.

It will not work if you have an old CRT that does not have an HDMI port.

We have not tested TV Frog, but here are other devices that are doing much the same thing, making smart TVs and accessing content online:

Many users mention that they had to wait a very long time before receiving their order and that they have no customer service with TV Frog.