An unlimited TV offer for 5 euros per month? Enticing but illegal

1400 TV channels, free VOD with the latest movies on view … all for 5 euros per month. The offer is enticing, so much that VOO or Proximus could be worried to be done. There is a problem that resellers do not tell you: it’s totally illegal.

Internet TV

At the beginning of this story, there are offers of resellers seen on Facebook. Thanks to a small box quickly installed in your home, you have access to a catalog of chains unbeatable. This is called IPTV, internet TV, via your Wi-Fi (which implies a broadband internet connection).

Five euros a month? It’s obviously too good to be true. We contacted different copyright companies: none of them receives a euro from this platform hosted in Lithuania. Someone has hacked the signal, perhaps the network of a service distributor.

Copyright infringement

“The three channels of RTBF are offered in this bouquet.If there is no agreement between this platform and the RTBF.It is illegal,” says Simon-Pierre De Coster RTBF legal service. It goes without saying that the presence of films on demand in the bouquet – some have not even come out in Belgium yet – is a flagrant violation of copyright.

RTBF will file a complaint with the CSA and will try to close this platform. The problem is that these sites are hosted in Russia or Lithuania. Countries that do not always collaborate erratically in terms of hacking.