IPTV and its cheap TV packages: illegal or not?

The phenomenon of IPTV or streaming television is gaining momentum around the world and Canada and Quebec are not spared. But what is this phenomenon and what does it imply?

The offer is often very attractive. Pay only one hundred or two hundred dollars a year to access a multitude of TV channels from all over the world. When we think that this is the amount that we pay to the cable companies for only a few months, it is certain that the offer becomes all the more interesting.

We try to save some money by all means and very often television is the first place on which we try to save, because we consider that the prices requested by the Bell and Videotron of this world are too expensive. Only, you have to be careful with offers that are too good to be true.


What is IPTV?

There are a few ways to listen to TV: cable, fiber optic cable, satellite or via an antenna. IPTV, or streaming television, is a new way to use the internet to give you access to hundreds, if not thousands, of television channels around the world.

This stream or “stream” can be viewed from a computer or mainly an IPTV box that can be purchased for a few tens of dollars. It must obviously have a good internet connection and good bandwidth to ensure a visual quality. For some, the fact remains that to upgrade its Internet package to obtain this quality and cut the cable still represents a saving of money in the end.

Several advertisements are present on the web or on Facebook to promote this type of IPTV service. Kijiji, Amazon and other sites allow you to buy these boxes, often call Android Box, in addition to joining packages for the year at prices that beat any competition. Of course, you will suspect that there is an eel under rock.


IPTV an illegal practice

Is this legal or not IPTV? In fact, no Canadian or Quebec law specifically regulates this type of specific device. However, the practice that includes service is illegal.

We must indeed see the IPTV in the same way as the decoders that allowed us to hack the cable there are twenty years.

The person you buy the box and the channel package steals the TV signals and stores them in servers to which your IPTV box connects. This is an illegal practice and it is possible for the authorities to find you through the collaboration of Internet providers or via your IP address, the address of your internet connection.