Arcep, policeman of the neutrality of the internet


The Internet Protocol Television, otherwise known as “Internet protocol television” or “IP-based television” is a digital television service included in the offers of access providers, in addition to internet and telephone. TV channels or VOD services thus proposed, are broadcast via telephone lines whose transmission capacities have been boosted thanks to the ADSL technique. This new method of broadcasting complements the digital offers of cable, satellite and digital terrestrial television (DTT). Using a closed network infrastructure such as cable, IPTV does not know the constraints of other broadcasting modes, the number of available channels or the number of users connected simultaneously, unlike the Web TV broadcast by the Internet as Joost or online video services like YouTube. On the user’s side, the IPTV can be received either on a computer or on a television screen via a decoder ( box), or finally on the screen of a 3G mobile phone.