Perfect Player IPTV APK

Perfect Player IPTV APK

Perfect Player IPTV APK

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Perfect Player iptv apk is a video player that will allow you to enjoy your movies, TV series and streams on TVs, tablets and smartphones. The application contains no channels: you must add your own playlists in the settings.
Note: To enjoy the best experience, try the different decoders offered in the settings.

The app doesn’t contain any channels, you need to add Playlists in Settings for this. Get free iptv on our site
Note: To get the best playback experience try different Decoder options in Settings.


– The OSD menu allows you to watch your videos with all the necessary information, with minimal interaction.
– The OSD menu adapts to all screen sizes and font sizes.
– Organize your IPTV streams into groups and enjoy the logos and digital guide (EPG).
– Watch your videos stored on your SD card or hard drive.
– System of plugins to enjoy online videos.
– Supported playlists formats: M3U and XSPF
– Supported digital guide formats: XMLTV and JTV
– Compatible with udpxy servers
– Possibility to connect to an IPTV data server (PC version of Perfect Player) to automatically recover your playlists, your EPG and your logos: the update of your playlists will be done automatically. To do this, simply set the address of your IPTV server in the settings.
– The application can be controlled with a mouse, a keyboard, a remote control, Perfect Cast IPTV, etc …
– The large control panel will be useful on small screens (can be displayed by touching the screen with two fingers).
– View all the information provided by your digital guide (EPG).

– For more details and docs, please, visit
– Play last channel at startup

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