Unknown to the general public, the Android box is becoming more and more followers. And we understand why, these multimedia boxes equipped with the most recent versions of Android are sold at very attractive prices. They plug into your TV (HDMI) and allow you to turn it into connected TV.An ideal alternative for those who do not wish to invest in a Smart TV. Until then nothing really bad, the problem is that some of these boxes sold on Amazon or Chinese stores are delivered with applications and extensions “pirates” questionable. The Hadopi commission logically took care of the case.


These multimedia boxes that are somehow Apple TV running android are usually equipped with the application KODI or one of its forks. If the reader also known as XBMC is a completely neutral and legal program, the extensions (add-ons) compatible and developed by thirds are less so.


Android boxes are delivered most often with a KODI completely modified and “optimized” for viewing pirated content. These third-party extensions installed in KODI are in most cases tools aggregating the different sources of content already offered illegally on the web.

The most popular are, as you can imagine, those that allow to watch pay channels, movies or series through the sources mentioned above. These are most often streaming sites or download torrents for movies and series. The case of the pay channels is a bit different but the principle remains the same: the extensions recover P2P (P2P) or IPTV streams or channel lists on sites that are not appreciated by the beneficiaries.

Difficult at the moment to assess the shortfall for television channels that multiply the one-off promotional offers (Canal +, Bein, SFR Sport) to attract users who might be interested in these boxes pirate. As a general rule, the streams recovered via the android box extensions are unstable and of poor quality, so TV channels have no short-term fear. Users will prefer to spend a few extra euros for a subscription to a stable service and above all a quality service.

Nevertheless, if box sales continue to grow, more and more users will wonder if a box “Fully Loaded” as they say in the jargon can replace a subscription to a VOD service.


For the moment, the High Authority mainly targets with its system of graduated responses “hackers” viewing content in P2P (streaming or download Torrents). It may be that a system of fixed fines (more deterrent?) Is put in place, which means more repression. The problem is that users have already found the parade for a long time by simply going to streaming sites, the same used by KODI extensions. Moreover, the offer is so vast that when a site closes two new ones replace it immediately.